About Libris Systems

Our story starts back in 1999, when a group of like-minded individuals established a forward-thinking, tech-based creative agency in rural Hertfordshire. We thrived among the fresh air and stunning scenery and grew into a successful design and marcoms company with an international reach.

Back at the turn of the century, it was all about design, artwork and print – and you could count the number of comms channels on one hand. Then, the appearance of the internet changed everything. The possibilities for communicating a brand message grew exponentially and, as the digital age developed, marketing teams came under increasing pressure to produce the same quality comms but across multiple channels. Workloads soared and brand control became a nightmare.

Being on the front line as a marcoms agency, we could see first-hand how much time, energy and money was being wasted in just keeping up with the pace of change, especially in performing essentially repetitive tasks in sales and marketing. Add to this the possibilities for introducing error or watering down brand message brought about by multiple people servicing multiple new channels and we could see many of our clients heading towards a perfect storm. We decided to do something about it.

We took a creative, customer-focused approach to solving the problems and relieving the common bottlenecks experienced by many of our clients. We understood their issues and quickly identified a lack of automation in many areas – we saw what a perfect marketing set up could look like, and we worked with our digital department to build it. Libris Systems was born.

Often, clients knew they needed something to help streamline their processes but, with a bewildering number of tech solutions on offer, they didn’t know what. Our bespoke approach offers the automation tools best-placed to create a streamlined, integrated and harmonious environment where data and assets really work for their masters, and our clients’ internal teams are freed up to focus more on their strategic and tactical goals.

We remain as passionate as ever about making life easier and matching digital solutions to clients’ individual needs. We will help you to make your data work for you, manage your brand, and distribute the latest info to your sales network. We never stop looking, learning, questioning, developing and innovating, and never will.

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Shortlisted 2015


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