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Instant product updates for lighting specialists


Libris helps award-winning exterior lighting and urban furniture specialists streamline up-to-date delivery of their product information across hundreds of product lines.


When DW Windsor launched a new brand identity and website in 2015, they wanted to take the opportunity to build on their excellent customer service by streamlining access to their online product information.

We looked at their goals and their starting point and suggested they adopt our Product Information Manager (PIM) software. This would optimise the user experience when searching for product information on their new website and marketing materials, and would enable product updates to be circulated instantly.

Streamlining time-hungry product updates

Historically, DW Windsor had a huge amount of product info stored in complicated Excel spreadsheets on local machines. Updating used to be a laborious process, one product at a time, and transferring the information to a website or marketing materials was literally a cut-and-paste job, many times over.

In addition, they found that too much key product information was held by just one or two key stakeholders – a risky situation that often caused bottlenecks in the production of new or updated sales material. They wanted local product managers in multiple locations to be able to share and gather product information quickly, easily and securely via a single online portal.

Key objectives

  • Ensure customers and sales teams always have the latest information
  • Update product info from a single, centralised cloud-based source
  • Streamline workflow to greatly reduce time spent putting together complex annual catalogue and bespoke lighting quotations
  • Enable simple bolt-on of complementary products

Libris PIM saves DW Windsor time and money by reducing repetitive updating tasks by up to 90%.

Introducing PIM to DW Windsor

The Libris PIM system is an intelligent technology that enables any company to store all of its product information in one unified database. This info can then be fed out to any number of channels including catalogues and apps. Importantly, any change can be shared to all channels and made live immediately.

With DW Windsor, we could see that adoption of our PIM solution would result in a more efficient way of working. More than just a CMS, a PIM indicates a step forward in the way in which it exports data automatically to multiple channels from a single web-based user interface. It can help organise product information, open a new sales channel in minutes, and save time and money by reducing repetitive updating tasks by up to 90%, and all for a monthly fee that’s cheaper than the office cleaning bill.

Key benefits

  • Product info can be updated live and in real time
  • Huge time savings are generated by the central storing of all product info, available in every possible permutation at the click of a button
  • Product configurator allows easy creation of product variations from associated components
  • Information can be imported from existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Access and updating privileges can be shared with third party resellers if desired

A smarter way of working in the digital age

Adoption of our PIM system has given DW Windsor the ability to repurpose data for multiple locations and channels from a single central source and at the touch of button.

Product specs can change weekly, and the PIM works as a bridge between product managers and marketing, enabling everyone to have access to up-to-date info instantly. This generates huge time savings by eliminating the laborious task of updating all relevant places with new information manually.

Gone are the days when a separate web team was needed to make every text update, and artworkers had to update individual product information sheets. Adoption of Libris PIM has changed all of this. DW’s product information lives in one secure place, is accessible 24/7 and can be shared with third parties if required. Data is input once and it is automatically pushed out to all relevant places.

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