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of a global payment provider


Elavon, one of the top five global payment providers, has been a leader in processing payments for over 20 years.


Elavons powerful payment solutions are suitable for all payment types and processing environments, ensuring businesses remain well connected.

Customers range from large worldwide enterprises to locally owned small businesses.

Elavon approached us to find out more about Libris after another customer had recommended the system to them.

The challenge of managing sales material

Yulia Muir, Marketing Communications Manager at Elavon, explains: “This year we were given the big job of digitising all sales and marketing collateral. This was an enormous task as we have a lot of old material still in circulation.

“The way we currently work consists of spending months preparing collateral and then printing it, but then the moment it goes into stock it is out of date or a change is needed. To get the change implemented, we have to send the details to an agency, and then reprint. The sales teams then have to order the material from stock.

This all takes time and costs money, so we decided we needed to go digital and handover more control to sales.

“Another issue is that customers no longer want the same old presentations and materials that you leave with every customer. They want something that is personal and relates to them – otherwise we’re just the same as all the other competitors.

“This meant that sales teams’ pitch packs (including presentations and product literature) were one of our main concerns. In an attempt to deliver personalisation, sales would put presentations together themselves and recreate them each time, using Word or PowerPoint. This had a negative effect on our brand as individuals were in complete control of logo positioning and use of fonts and colours, which did not always adhere to the company brand guidelines. There was also no consistency across the European sales channel.

“The time taken to put together these documents was a further issue. With most of the sales team on the road, they had to wait until they were back at their office to prepare and send out sales material which could take a full day or more.”

Libris Objectives

  •  Digitise collateral
  •  Allow sales people to personalise pitch packs for different types of customers
  •  Maintain brand control
  •  Save time and agency fees

“Libris has saved us £250k from our annual marketing budget, and over £1 million a year of sales’ time!”

Yulia Muir

Marketing Communications Manager at Elavon and a super user of Libris

Introducing Libris to Elavon

We assessed Elavon’s objectives and the current situation. We then demonstrated the functionality of the Libris system and how it could meet their objectives. Together we decided that Libris provided the perfect solution.

By centrally holding marketing collateral which can be edited only within pre-set user permissions, Libris gives marketing managers control over document branding and content. This not only strengthens the brand image but also saves time for everyone.

Libris empowers sales teams to create their own literature while giving managers peace of mind that they can’t produce something that dilutes the brand.

Yulia says: “When Libris was first recommended to me, I thought it might just be what we need. However, I thought it would come at a super high price that our budget wouldn’t allow. After meeting the team and seeing the demonstration and initial costs, I couldn’t believe the value for money we were going to get.”

Libris Benefits

  • Digital library of all marketing collateral
  • Brand consistency in all countries and regions
  • Time savings by centrally storing marketing materials and allowing master documents to be easily re-purposed and customised for different customers
  • Documents can be updated in real time and made live instantly

Launching Libris in four countries and three languages

Libris was introduced to Elavon’s marketing teams in March 2015 in four countries and three languages.

For the first stage of the implementation, all the current marketing collateral had to be put into the Libris online branding manager, which is the systems library function.

The files were then shared with European countries for translation. Each country now has online access to all marketing documents, allowing those with the relevant permissions to make copy and image changes at any time. New documents can also be created within the system if required.

For the second stage of the implementation, each member of the sales team was given his or her own personal login to a sales portal. Once in the portal they can simply check boxes for the documents they require. Each sales person has permissions to personalise the cover page with their customer’s details. Ultimately they receive a personalised PDF collated with all the relevant documents and ready to send to the customer.

If head office makes changes to documents or introduces new material, these become instantly available to the whole sales team across Europe. The online tool can also be accessed via a mobile or tablet so pitch packs can be put together anywhere and at any time.

Impressive time savings and customised literature

The key function of Libris for Elavon is easily producing custom sales collateral that can be printed on demand, accessed anytime and any place, and with instant updates across Europe.

Elavon estimates the time saved from not having to produce sales material from scratch is five hours per week, per sales person. This creates a total time saving of 1,500 hours per week or 6,000 hours per month. All this time can now be spent back out on the road making more sales.

Yulia says: “Libris is excellent value for money. I can’t believe we have achieved this level of customisation, so quickly and within budget!

“The sales teams are really excited about using it. It gives them a real competitive advantage. They are able to create custom presentations in record time and will be able to print personalised literature that can be delivered direct to their customer – all in a few days!

“From my point of view, I will no longer get requests to action changes to literature and won’t have to spend my budget or time on storage, artwork changes and reprints.”

Next steps

Yulia explains: “With the pilot stage of Libris still underway, we are making great use of our training video with the 300 sales people that will all have access. We will then link Libris to a European print network, so we can introduce a print on demand service. No more large stores of out of date material – it’s great!”

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