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The personal touch

Simon Dowell, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, explains: “Our number one priority is to deliver the best customer experience, whilst leveraging the brand of Marriott and that of Hanbury Manor. The customer experience is essential in all we do, and getting it right first time is where it begins, by ensuring all sales associates are focused on the customer – identifying their needs.

Once mastering the initial communication, either in person, over the phone or by email, the second has to be equally impressive. We recognised a gap in our communication and that was the initial proposal for our weddings and celebrations. At Hanbury Manor we are renowned for our weddings, our picturesque grounds and historic building, and have somewhat relied on these elements to secure the business.

The Hanbury Manor wedding brochure is certainly on trend, after significant research by the Marriott UK Marketing team, to deliver a communication that resonates with the whole experience of a wedding, and is appealing to gen ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z’ couples, not an easy feat, but they seem to have pulled it off very well. That said, there was something missing – the personal touch and customising the brochure to make a truly positive impact.”

Simon approached Steve Hunt and Nick Murr after learning about the unique software demonstrated by a client of Hanbury’s whilst on a sales appointment in the City of London. After a few qualification questions he recognised that there was an opportunity to enhance the wedding proposal further, embracing same sex and cultural diversity within and a single document capturing all information in one hit!

Hanbury Manor’s objectives for Libris

  • Make a truly personal and bespoke brand experience for the client
  • To give the sales team an online tool to produce bespoke customer literature, and manage updates to live collateral
  • Reduce time spent collating marketing material and being able to track proposals
  • To have a print on demand option, and PDF for emailing

“It’s the perfect solution for our wedding proposals! We can create personal and bespoke packages for our individual clients, making them feel special, and help us stand out from other wedding venues.”

Simon Dowell
Director of Sales & Marketing at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Libris brings diversity to Hanbury Manor’s marketing collateral.

Hanbury Manor is a country retreat with elegant period features, and romantic outdoor venues featuring scenic spots where you can relax and enjoy manicured grounds, with luxury accommodation, exclusive amenities, tranquil spa, tennis and scenic golf.
Simon explained that their internal processes weren’t practical; they lacked personalisation and were clunky, with multiple attachments.

The idea was to stop spending money on printing hundreds of copies of their main wedding brochure, and only print ‘one off’ personalised copies when needed, this would help keep costs down and allow each brochure to be tracked back to a potential client.

Benefits of Libris for Hanbury Manor

  • Brand consistency in all wedding marketing material
  • Time savings by centrally storing marketing materials and allowing documents to be customised for different wedding packages and menus
  • The ability to print a one off bespoke and personalised brochure using an automated print on demand system
  • Ability to track opportunities and value

SalesTool in action

The big day

Once we learnt about Hanbury Manor’s requirements, we instantly knew we had the solution with our Libris SalesTool. We introduced Simon and his team to the concept of using our central online platform for editing their wedding collateral, and creating bespoke proposals.

By holding all the wedding collateral in the Libris system, it allows total flexibility when editing, plus the ability to change images for all three cultural diverse wedding brochures.
When it came to preparing a wedding quote, this was previously done using a spreadsheet to work out costs, then typed out separately onto a letterhead, printed and added to the other items.

To streamline the process this was also added to the brochure builder, so now when a personalised brochure is put together the sales team just have to add numbers to pre-configured boxes, the system then does all the calculations and produces a branded estimate within the finished brochure.

Every new lead is saved in the system for future reference, if the client makes a change it only takes a few clicks to update the details and create a new brochure. The process also speeds up when there are similar wedding specifications, by duplicating the saved brochure and changing contact information a brochure can be produced in seconds.

From this day forward, for better and more personal

The main focus for Libris at Hanbury Manor is producing custom personalised wedding proposals for potential clients, and tracking the opportunities. Only information relevant to the potential client is included and the most up-to-date information can be easily be controlled.

“Personalisation is definitely the most valuable benefit – weddings are personal and to give our prospective clients something personal from the outset is fantastic!” explains Simon.

“Libris is really easy-to-use so it’s been well received. To be able to send a PDF brochure within minutes of the clients leaving a guided tour, then to follow up with a printed personal copy in the post a couple of days later, blows them away. The team love it because it is personal, fast, and on brand. The benefits have been instant, its helped boost interest from the team, increase conversation on prospect business and created an additional talking point when meeting our wedding couples. We are now looking at other ways we can leverage the software within the sales team.”

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