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Libris makes a franchise work


The birth of a franchise network

Stuart Willis, CEO of One Stop Property Marketing explains: “Historically estate agents once used a diary and applicant cards to run their day-to-day businesses, then with time numerous software providers helped streamline this process and allowed agents to work more efficiently. Whilst this was a step in the right direction there wasn’t anything directly that helped estate agents make more profit. At One Stop Property Marketing we had the idea of a virtual online marketing assistant with tools to help agents win more business and grow their estate agency business.

Over the years we had built up a war chest of creative work, we wanted to be able to re-use as much of this as we could as it was all good stuff. Our idea was to have everything online so that other estate agencies could simply create new marketing collateral from our templates, we also had a few unique marketing ideas that would help agents grow their businesses. We could have built a website that just allowed agents to download the artwork, but that wouldn’t save them time and money, plus we wanted to build a repeat businesses model.

One Stop Property Marketing’s objectives for Libris

  • Help agents build and protect their brand
  • To give small agents the benefits of a large marketing department without the costs
  • Reduce time spent creating marketing material
  • To have flexibility and full control of all marketing assets
  • Make a truly personal and bespoke brand experience for the client
  • To give an agent an online marketing department so they can produce bespoke customer literature.
  • One Stop Property Marketing to manage and update the online library with new collateral
  • To automatically push new content to every user
  • To make sure that everything is PDF print ready when downloaded

“In building this we have created a franchisors dream system, we can feed all our franchises new content from one location and Libris will automatically wrap the artwork with the agents branding and details.”

Stuart Willis
CEO of One Stop Property Marketing

One Stop Property Marketing is all about making the agent more profit. Large corporate agents invest time and money building and marketing their brand, but for most smaller agents there is a limited budget put aside for this very important role. One Stop Property Marketing is all about giving agents their own in house marketing department, helping them build up their brand in a local area, and make them stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Over the years working in the estate agency arena, we had created many bespoke marketing items, such as sales brochures, valuation brochures, leaflets, bespoke boards, moving cards and moving brochures. We wanted to put everything online so that agents could create well designed marketing items, fast and on brand. Plus we had other helpful tools, most photography needs a little help to make it look its best, so we built a tool that worked by simply uploading images to be automatically sharpened and colour balanced, no need for a professional retoucher.

Benefits of Libris for One Stop Property Marketing

  • Brand consistency in all marketing material
  • Time saving library of marketing materials ready to be customised
  • Automatically branded for the agent
  • The ability to download a print ready PDF
  • No setup fees or contracts

“It’s the perfect solution for franchisors! We can now create and share content to all our individual agents, giving them the tools to help build their business.”

Stuart Willis
CEO of One Stop Property Marketing

Libris brings brand control to One Stop Property Marketing

One Stop Property Marketing allows estate agents to concentrate on what they are good at, by taking away the costly development of marketing items and keeping branding at the core of everything produced. Stuart Willis from One Stop Property Marketing approached Libris to help bring his dream to life, his vision was to give all agents the ability to create personalised bespoke marketing collateral for their businesses, without the associated costs of having an in house marketing department. The idea was to build a marketing solution that would automatically wrap a company’s branding round any of the marketing items chosen, adding the agents logo, corporate colours and contact details, saving them time and money.

The holy franchisor grail

Once we understood what One Stop Property Marketing wanted to achieve, we knew we had to bring out the big guns. It would mean customising our Libris Brand Manager to get the new features required, and in doing so we would create a franchise marketing ecosystem.
By holding all the marketing collateral in the Libris system, meant we could customise our SalesTool to cloak each item with individual user preferences. This allows each user to have their own logo, colours and contact information added to the variable data fields set up on each marketing asset.

Now when a document is chosen from the library it will automatically put the logo in place, add the users corporate colours and pre-populate with the correct contact details. To help production further, all collateral can be downloaded ready for printing, all with crop marks and bleed. There is also an option for low-res PDFs to be downloaded for printing internally or emailing.

Every item is saved in the system for future reference, if the agent makes a change it only takes a few clicks to update the details and create a new brochure. It takes minutes to create stunning personalised marketing material, simply log on, choose what you need and create it.

The franchisor ecosystem

The vision for Libris at One Stop Property Marketing is giving estate agents the tools to produce everything they could possible need from a virtual marketing department. Going forward the business plan is to keep adding new marketing material each month, plus further marketing tools to enhance the franchise ecosystem.
“Distribution of marketing assets is definitely the most valuable benefit – to be able to give our agents new marketing material, branded individually to each of them is amazing!” explains Stuart.
“Libris has transformed our business. To be able to share a brochure with hundreds of agents from one platform, all at once, automatically personalised and ready for printing! Try doing that manually with a small marketing budget.
The benefits from having the Libris Franchisor system are easy to see when you look at how many agents we serve, there is no way we could have built a viable business without Libris Systems”.

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