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Managing european product data
Libris connects product data across Europe for refrigeration client.


Pastorfrigor is one of Europe’s leading refrigeration suppliers, it is regarded as a market leader in refrigerated energy solutions, with customers including Musgrave, Booker Premier, SPAR, Nisa and Costcutter. They are passionate in reducing energy when choosing and manufacturing equipment, this passion is evident throughout the company and is why the Libris PIM system caught their eye.

With manufacturing plants in Italy, Slovakia, Dubai and Romania, the group had issues in centrally storing and distributing live product data from all these factories. Countries were working on projects that other members of the group had no product knowledge of, this unshared data was a big energy leak in terms of time and had to be capped.

Uncontrollable data

One of the biggest issues was keeping the sales teams in the group updated with new products and configurations. Historically the main core product range would be available to all of the group, but each country would create and store bespoke or custom product information locally.

In addition, Pastorfrigor’s in-house design and marketing team, responsible for creating product data sheets, brochures and maintaining the websites for all of the company’s offerings, were spending the majority of their time gathering product information for the european wide sales teams. This process was far from energy efficient and was slowing down the sales process.

Key objectives

  • Unite countries to one central product data store
  • Automate the creation and distribution of product info
  • Ensure customers and sales teams always have the latest information
  • Enable online translation of product info from a single, centralised cloud-based source
  • Automatically sync product information to group websites

Since introducing Libris Systems PIM to Pastorfrigor, countries are now working closer together, creating a greater product knowledge pool that everyone benefits from, and in turn has increased productivity throughout the group.

Introducing the energy saving PIM to Pastorfrigor

Pastorfrigor wanted to centralise their product data for all the group, allowing each country to log in and translate locally plus add further shared information. They also wanted to automate the production of data sheets, brochures and feed information directly from the database to their group websites.

We demonstrated how our PIM system could do all of these things and more. Connecting all countries in the group to one central database would dramatically cut down the time spent updating information. Multi language product data sheets no longer need to be generated manually, enabling the marketing team to use their skills marketing, instead of endlessly gathering product information.
Product and marketing teams from every country can make changes directly into the PIM, each with the relevant permissions, ensuring that the latest information is always available in the central store.

Key benefits

  • Increases productivity, reduces errors and allows employees to shift their focus from managing product data to applying it.
  • Product info is updated and translated live and in real time
  • Information can be imported from existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Group websites controlled centrally
  • Automates what was once a manual processes saving countless hours.
  • Data is standardized, clean and suitable for use in external multi-channels resulting in an Omnichannel experience.

European unity

Since introducing Libris Systems PIM to Pastorfrigor in 2016, countries are now working closer together, creating a greater product knowledge pool that everyone benefits from, and in turn has increased productivity throughout the group.

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