Libris Branding Manager

Produce consistent, branded
sales and marketing materials

Libris BrandingManager, also known as a Marketing Asset Management (MAM), helps you keep your collateral current and available 24/7 for multiple users to produce consistent branded sales and marketing materials. Here’s how…

Master templates

Stay on brand by creating each new document you need from a master template stored in the cloud. Existing Adobe InDesign documents can be used to create these. Branded elements can be locked down within each file ensuring vital brand consistency, while a simple interface makes it easy for any user to create new material within brand guidelines. No additional software or specific design skills required.

Libris - BrandingManager Master Templates
Libris - BrandingManager Smart Templates

Smart templates

Resize and reflow generic content into alternative designs or formats at the click of a button. Smart templates are ideal if your organisation has sub-brands, global offices, multiple resellers, or sells into different local markets.

User groups

Manage your branded content effectively by creating multiple user groups, each with bespoke access permissions.

Libris - BrandingManager User Groups
Libris - BrandingManager Publishing on Demand


Any document within BrandingManager can be saved as a low-res PDF for internal printing or attaching to email, or as a high-res PDF ready for print. Every corner of your organisation can create and print new material when and where they need it, saving time and money, and always delivering up-to-date information.


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