(Digital Asset Manager)
DAM good for data

Unlock the potential of your digital assets with Libris DAM. Optimised for convenient browsing, intelligent search and flexible download options, user-friendly software helps you securely share and manage great digital content.


your digital assets in one place, easily accessible and searchable, that’s fast and simple to use.

  • Access via the web or as a shared drive on your computer
  • Send brand materials to staff, suppliers or clients with total confidence
  • Eliminate CDs, USB sticks and over-sized email attachments completely
  • Without depending upon busy graphics teams, resize, reformat and share media
  • Track, audit, log and monitor everything in one place
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Advanced Search


your assets with fast, intelligent and accurate results.

  • Search results offer more suggestions that you can click
  • Search inside documents like PDFs
  • Add your own dropdown lists, checkboxes, keywords, free text and directory trees
  • Enforce controlled vocabularies or selectively hide data
  • Browse by location on maps (and turn GPS coordinates into real place names)


your content quickly and easily with a shareable lightbox that links to multiple files, whatever their size.

  • Send any number of files to any number of people, even large videos
  • Discuss and change selections with a real-time chat feature and email alerts
  • Share files via email, Twitter, Facebook, DropBox or as web links
  • You’ll never need a temporary copy, since everything is centrally stored
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Share
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Image Conversion


your images and videos in multiple graphic formats at the click of a button.

  • Change the resolution
    (e.g. convert from 300 dpi to 72 dpi)
  • Change the colour space (e.g. RGB to CMYK)
  • Change from one format to another
    (e.g. convert TIFF to JPEG)
  • Resize and crop (e.g. extract an image from a PDF to use on the web)
  • Publish altered files to the web or download them to your computer


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