Create and deliver personalised sales documents fast

Our SalesTool gives your sales team access to selected branded documents so they can personalise them for individual customers, setting your brand apart.
Here’s how…

Always up-to-date

Waiting for new, up-to-date sales material becomes a thing of the past. Any updates or new documents uploaded by head office are available and accessible instantly via any web-enabled device so you and your customers always have the latest information.

Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System


Users can pick and mix the pages they need to create custom personalised brochures, presentations or tender documents faster than competitors by logging into a central store straight after a meeting or conversation.

Create and send

Create and send your content quickly and easily with a shareable lightbox that links to multiple files, whatever their size.

  • Send any number of files to any number of people, even large videos
  • Discuss and change selections with a real-time chat feature and email alerts
  • Share files via email, Twitter, Facebook, DropBox or as web links
  • You’ll never need a temporary copy, since everything is centrally stored
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System

Consistent branded material

All collateral will be produced from master templates that have locked branded elements. This protects your brand and ensures vital consistency across all brochures and documents, which amplifies and reinforces your brand message to customers.

KPI data

SalesTool’s clever KPI data can help you manage your team by tracking the collateral produced and sent out by each member.

Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System

Save time and money

No more waiting around for the latest sales and product information, or struggling with publishing software. SalesTool gives sales teams more time to concentrate on selling.


Safe and secure

Our intelligent integrated system holds all of your company marketing material in a safe, central cloud-based store that is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Virtual Sales Assistant

SalesTool is like having your very own virtual sales assistant who will ensure that every document you send out always looks perfect, and is tailored to be client-specific.


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