Our SalesTool allows sales teams to create bespoke sales collateral, fast, from a simple web interface.

Step 1.
No need to re-artwork your marketing collateral. Utilising your pre-existing artwork files, such as Indesign, or PDFs, everything is uploaded into the cloud for you to control.

Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System

Step 2.
Once in the Libris System, the head office can set what sales teams can, or cannot personalise

Step 3.
Using a simple check box, the relevant marketing collateral can be chosen from a simple list. SalesTool will then create a custom personalised brochure using the live files in the system. If head office makes a change, it is live instantly across the team.

Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System
Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System

Step 4.
SalesTool creates a low resolution PDF for email, or a high resolution PDF ready for printing. All using a web browser on your phone, tablet or desktop. With no software training required, your team will be able to react fast, always be on brand and personal.

Step 5.
From the user interface, every proposal is saved. Make changes or duplicate proposals, add or delete marketing content, re create pdfs for print, or email. Check what collateral has been sent out, by who and when, perfect for KPI data.

Libris - DAM (Digital Asset Manager) Central System

Fast, Simple and very effective.

Save time and money

No more waiting around for the latest sales and product information, or struggling with publishing software. SalesTool gives sales teams more time to concentrate on selling.


Safe and secure

Our intelligent integrated system holds all of your company marketing material in a safe, central cloud-based store that is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Virtual Sales Assistant

SalesTool is like having your very own virtual sales assistant who will ensure that every document you send out always looks perfect, and is tailored to be client-specific.


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