What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

You’ve got images – lots of them, right?
Plus documents, logos, videos and more and your library is growing all the time.

Trying to manage all these files is one of the most frustrating and inefficient things you have to deal with. You’re constantly investing time and money in trying to find old content or struggling to control the use of current files around your organisation.

What you really want is to be able to centralise, search, share and reuse your media electronically via an online cloud-based environment that you control and manage. If you could do this, your organisation would be able to make much better use of not only your valuable time, but everyone else’s, too.

We work with organisations around the world, ranging from small businesses to large brands and we know exactly how to help you make a Digital Asset Management solution a reality.

Libris DAM centralises digital media in a powerful shared library

Unlock the potential of your media with convenient browsing, intelligent search and flexible downloads. Our software helps you securely share and manage great digital content. It’s easy to master and is designed for professional users.

  • Replace fragmented storage with a single place for everything.
  • Find files easily with a smart, effective search engine.
  • Collaborate and share with convenient, secure permissions.
  • Resize and convert files without complex desktop software.
  • Manage and re-purpose video content more easily.

Centralise digital assets

Everyone who needs to access your media can find it in one place, so they can quickly find and reuse files. Bringing everything together is at the heart of Digital Asset Management. Simply upload and organise files with total convenience, and let others access content they need.

  • Give access via the web or as a shared drive on your computer.
  • Send brand materials to staff, suppliers or clients with total confidence.
  • Eliminate CDs, USB sticks and over-sized email attachments completely.
  • Stop depending on busy graphics teams to resize, reformat and share media.
  • Track, audit, log and monitor everything in one place.

Search digital assets

Search and find digital assets with fast, intelligent and accurate results.

Fast, effective and completely intuitive search is at the heart of Libris DAM. Experience real convenience, with improved results that are relevant
and precise.

  • Search results offer more suggestions that you can click.
  • Search inside documents like PDFs.
  • Add your own dropdown lists, checkboxes, keywords and free text.
  • Enforce controlled vocabularies or selectively hide data.
  • Browse by location on maps (and turn GPS coordinates into real place names).

Share digital assets

Sending content shouldn’t involve copying the data to emails, CDs or other systems.

Simply click ‘Share’ to create a lightbox that links to the files, then start a discussion – it’s all about getting the job done, no matter how big or small the files. With Libris DAM, we’ve made it intuitive to deliver artwork and digital media without slowing you down waiting for files to transfer.

  • Send any number of files to any number of people – even large videos.
  • Discuss and change selections with a real-time chat feature and email alerts.
  • Share files via email, Twitter, Facebook, DropBox or as web links.
  • You’ll never need a temporary copy, since everything is centrally stored.

Re-use digital assets

One of the most important features of Digital Asset Management is its ability to convert between graphics formats.

Convert and resize images and videos

With the powerful graphics engine in Libris DAM, you can dramatically simplify common tasks such as converting TIFF to JPEG, or extracting images from PDFs. We make re-purposing existing files possible without any software on your computer, and we make video content easy to link to and display on the web.

  • Change the resolution
    (e.g. convert from 300 dpi to 72 dpi)
  • Change the colour space
    (e.g. RGB to CMYK)
  • Change from one format to another
    (e.g. convert TIFF to JPEG)
  • Resize and crop (e.g. extract an image from a PDF to use on the web)
  • Publish altered files to the web or download them to your computer


Libris DAM video management software makes it easy for your team to:

  • store all your videos in one place
  • upload and download in different formats (MP4, AVI, WMV and many more)
  • extract frames, add markers, tag
    and download ranges
  • send videos to other users in lightboxes (without downloading them yourself)
  • enjoy convenience and ease-of-use with no complex software
  • have full support for tablet devices such as the iPad
  • keep on top of video management.

See the DAM in Action


With offices in several countries, Nualight used to have an internal intranet system for sharing files and information. Over time, this system became unwieldy and untidy.

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