Product Managers

think we’re great because we…

  • Tidy up and centralise product data storage
  • Remove the need to update product info on spreadsheets
  • Provide instant access to up-to-date details from anywhere
  • Update product info across multiple channels from a single source

We will make your product data work for you.

Our secure, smart, fully customisable system can automatically update information across your channels in real time and without the need for complex spreadsheets.

Intelligent and intuitive, the system also makes it easy to create new product lines and automatically suggests complementary components or products.

Our ‘update once, publish everywhere’ framework dramatically reduces the risk of introducing errors or inconsistencies into the system. If mistakes are made, an easy-access 30-day backup provides the safety net.

This is how we work…


All product information is held in a secure, cloud-based central store.


Having a single point of access for updates and new product data streamlines and simplifies your data storage.

Catalogue creation and print production

Cut production times when creating paper catalogues. Using the Product Information Manager (PIM), you can create live InDesign files that ‘talk back’ to the PIM, and vice versa, ensuring information is always up-to-date, everywhere.


Update websites, marketing and sales from one centralised point automatically.


No need to update existing ERP systems. With a simple csv feed to an ftp folder, we can give you access to all of your channels and more.


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